Product Standards

The ELEMONADER roll-off lemonade unit is designed and constructed to NSF standards. NSF is widely recognized for its scientific and technical expertise in health and environmental sciences. The NSF mark is recognized for its value in international trade around the world and is respected by regulatory agencies at the local, state and federal levels.


Cavallaro Concessions will assist in assuring compliance to satisfy specific requirements in securing required state and county licenses.

Industry Support

Cavallaro Concessions gladly offers industry support for, but not exclusively to, the following areas:

  1. Supplier and Product information—cups, covers, straws, napkins and lemons
  2. Equipment information—including, hoses, electrical cords, juicers or juice extractors, ice units and ice cube size
  3. Proven successful marketing concepts and ideas
  4. Event and location prognosis
  5. Insurance requirements and referrals
  6. Share customer referrals and contact information
  7. Quality work force training assistance


Financial assistance information and manufacturing support is available upon request.