Our Lemonade Recipe

The Cup

The most commonly used cup is a paper (waxed) squat style, printed lemonade cup. Variations will work depending upon preference. The (waxed) paper cup is popular because when the plastic shaker is attached to (shake or mix) the wax forms a seal around the shaker, thus alleviating the amount of leaking fluid while shaking.

The cup size varies upon preference and availability, but the most popular sizes are 16 oz. and 32 oz. Most concessionaires offer both cup sizes, with a slight increase in price for the 32 oz. cup.

Many offer a 32 oz. plastic cup with a plastic lid and a plastic straw. Many variations of prints and colors are usually available. Some concessionaires have their own cups specially printed to signify their company logo and colors or to market a specific event or fair. Many sell the 32 oz. cup as a souvenir cup. They also offer a refill for a reduced price.

The Ingredients

Step 1: Add the following to your 16 oz. cup.
2 tablespoons of sugar (4 tablespoons for a 32 oz.) or
2 oz. of simple syrup (4 oz. for a 32 oz.)

Note: Simple syrup usually will consist of a corn syrup, water and citric acid. Simple syrup can be commercially purchased or homemade.

Either sugar or simple syrup as the sweetener will work. This is only a matter of preference. While some like the quicker in preparation and mixing time of simple syrup, others prefer sugar, as it offers a clean and more pure flavor. The choice depends on availability of product and storage space.

Step 2: Combine sweetener with the juice of 1/2 of a fresh lemon (16 oz. cup size) or 1 whole lemon for a 32 oz. cup size.

Step 3: Remove the lemon rind from the squeezer and add it to the mixture of juice and sweetener inside the cup. There are several reasons for this suggested step . . . most importantly the lemon oil in the rind adds an extra lemon flavor to the lemonade.

Step 4: Add ice— roughly 3/4 full.

Step 5: Fill with purified, filtered water and shake.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Using properly filtered water produces the best tasting lemonade!